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    The jazz and blues lyrics given here are compiled from recordings from the first part of the 20th century. In many cases, the words are hard to catch. Therefore, you can expect errors in transcription. If you hear the words differently and think we have made mistakes, please let us know.
     Different artists sing the songs differently. The same artist sings the song differently in different recordings. We will provide alternative lyrics to songs with different versions as we continue our transcriptions.
    Some of these songs may still be under copyright. The lyrics here are for personal and academic use only.

Finding the lyrics you want:

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If you do not find the song or artist you are seeking:

    It might be that the song was recorded after 1948. As a general rule, we do not transcribe songs recorded after that date.
    Another possibility is that we have not yet gotten to that song or artist. This is a project we have started recently, so we have barely made a dent in what's out there! We upload a song as soon as we decipher the lyrics.
    If you would like to request an artist or song, let us know and we will transcribe the material if we have it in our collection and if the recording is pre-1948.

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Updated 6/1/02.

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